How to choose a REALTOR March 1, 2022

How to Choose a REALTOR® – Rich Iarossi, REALTOR®

When working with a REALTOR it’s pretty important to consider a few things

Richard Iarossi, REALTOR

In this post, I’m going to go over some important items when selecting a REALTOR.

  • Is your REALTOR full time? Many agents today consider real estate their side gig while they are working a full-time job elsewhere. As a result, they may not be available when you need them. While that isn’t necessarily bad, make sure their hours sync up with your needs.
  • How experienced is your REALTOR? While experience is only one facet of choosing a REALTOR, it’s a pretty important one. Do they have enough experience to cover the myriad of things that are involved in a modern real estate transaction? You can’t get experience from a manual.
  • Consider the agent’s methods of communication, and does it work with your needs?
  • Is your agent a leader, or a follower? Are they actively sending you homes to preview, or are you doing all the legwork?
  • How are their negotiation skills?
  • Does their marketing plan WOW you?
  • Have you checked their reviews? Past client experience is a good indicator of the future.
  • Is your agent familiar with the area? I know agents licensed in three different States and can’t imagine how they can be familiar enough to be able to satisfy your needs.
  • When you called them to discuss an interview…did they answer the phone, or how long did it take for them to call back?
  • Are they willing to provide you with the names of a couple of recent clients who you can call for reviews?
  • Are they willing to do a shorter contract if things don’t work out? What are the terms of the contract, and how easy is it to terminate?
  • Relatives are family, and you may not want them involved in your personal transactions.

In the end, I may suggest that it may just be as simple as a sit down meet and greet. There is something to be said for looking someone in the eye to determine whether the relationship will work. Sometimes it doesn’t. Be honest and let them know.

Good luck in your search.

Rich Iarossi